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Pork: The good, the bad and the ugly

Pork is in the news lately, and not just in politics. We ran an article in Sound Food about raising pigs at home. There is a recent article in the WSJ about the benefits of home grown hogs. If you can't raise pigs yourself, you can buy pasture-raised pork from several local farmers; see our article on pasture-raised meats. There are many reasons to be concerned about pork from the huge commercial farms; The New York Times has published two sobering articles in the past week: Pathogens in Our Pork, and Our Pigs, Our Food, Our Health. When you're buying pork, look for pork that is organically fed, preferably pasture-raised. The term "Natural," which appears on most commercially-raised pork, is virtually meaningless. It refers only to the fact that nothing was added during processing. It has no relevance to how the animal was raised, or whether it was fed antibiotics.

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