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Lopez island Farm to deliver locally pastured meat May 6

Lopez Island Farm will be delivering pasture-raised meat to Bainbridge Island on May 6 at 5 pm, at 9300 Northtown Drive. All orders must be placed in advance through Lopez Farm's new online ordering system. A variety of cuts of lamb, beef and pork will be available. You can find out more about Lopez Island Farm on their website.
Here is some information from the site:
Small Scale Environmentally Friendly Farm
Our pasture-based system of raising livestock has a positive effect on the environment. Each year the pasture improves and the healthy soil teems with beneficial organisms. Rain is absorbed and held in the soil instead of running off, allowing nutrients to be rapidly cycled back to the plants instead of being lost. By utilizing a system of rotational grazing for both the pigs and sheep we are continually improving the fertility of our soil and managing for vigorous and productive forage growth.

Locally Grown
Our farm is located on Lopez Island in San Juan County. By buying direct from the farmer you are helping to support a local farm and ensure that high quality locally-produced food will be available in the future.

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