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Five Sound Reasons to Eat Food from Close to Home

1.    Locally-grown food tastes better
The food you buy at your local farmers’ market is usually harvested the same day. It still has all of its nutrients, so it’s better for you and your family. And its crisp, fresh taste will thrill your taste buds and spark your creativity.

2.    Buying locally is better for the environment
Shortening the distance between producer and consumer makes local food a key step in the wise use of our natural resources. And sustainable family farms contribute to the health of the land and air around us.

3.    Successful farms are good for the local economy
Spending money for locally produced food supports farmers and helps to create a sustainable local economy. And unlike residential development, farms contribute more in taxes than they require in services.

4.    Farms preserve open vistas. 
As the value of local food increases, the pressure to sell farmland for development is reduced. Keeping a landscape of farms and fields depends on the willingness of community members to buy food grown by local farmers.

5.    Local food builds community
Buying food from a local farm connects people to the seasons and the place where they live. It helps strengthen the community by linking people in the community to their food source and each other.

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