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Almost Too Good to be True Raw Kale Salad

Kale salad. I know what you're thinking. Uncooked kale?

A little under a year ago I read an article about kale salad by Melissa Clark in the New York Times. I'd filed it away in my head until I could get an abundance of kale. My favorite kind of kale is the so-called "dinosaur kale" or lacinato kale--its thick, dark, blue-green leaves have an almost blistered quality in terms of their texture. But there are loads of different kinds of kale, even if one tends to find just one or two in area supermarkets. Farmhouse Organics, the CSA I subscribe to, offers four different kinds of kale this summer. I'll admit I've been tempted by the "Ripbor" kale, just for the name alone. It sounds like the kind of kale you have to be Teutonic enough to handle.

So I found myself with two bunches of dino kale the other night, and no urge for stirfried greens. Suddenly, the memory of kale salad came back to me. But when I started to search for Melissa Clark's recipe, I came across another recipe for kale salad on, and I opted to try that one instead. (I've included links to both recipes below for your consideration)

For the recipe I prepared you will need:

fresh lemon juice
black pepper
extra virgin olive oil
ricotta salata (or other hard cheese, such as pecorino)

When I was searching for ricotta salata at the grocery store the other day, a fellow shopper asked me what I was making.

"Kale salad," I said, for shock effect.
"What's in it?" she asked. When I mentioned lemon juice, she nodded and said,
"Ah, that's what does the cooking, then."

And she's right. The lemon juice helps make the kale even more palatable, and--in effect--it breaks down kale's tough leaves just enough and makes them tender. The best part of this salad, as Melissa Clark notes in her recipe, is that you can make it well in advance without fear of the kale's wilting.

All I know is that my family keeps asking me when I'll be making that kale salad again. If this is one way to sneak a superfood into our weekly rotation, I consider it a success.

Recipe for Lacinato Kale and Ricotta Salata Salad

Melissa Clark article on Kale Salad

Melissa Clark recipe for Raw Tuscan Kale Salad with Pecorino

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